For the Beauty of the Earth

It goes without saying that I’ve seen some incredible views so far on my walk around Wales.  And there are many more breathtaking sights ahead of me.  But even this far, reflecting on almost a month of walking (!!!) I have one overriding thought;

God has created an exquisitely beautiful world.

That statement is fundamental to how I understand and enjoy the world.  And yet in this day and age it’s as controversial as it is simple.  Everything in society seems to point away from belief in a designer.

We can probably find common ground on the view that there is beauty on this earth, vast and varied. If there’s no creator, then the beauty we see in a forest or a beach or a child’s smile is just happy coincidence.

But the way I see it is this: all the beauty of the earth, the beauty inspires our admiration and gratitude, is meant as a set of hints, clues and suggestions; a series of conspiratorial whispers; all nudging us into believing that behind the beautiful world is not random chance, but the loving God.

The Bible says that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  If that’s true, then every good and beautiful thing we can say about humanity or creation, we can say about God exponentially.  He is the beauty of humanity and the earth multiplied to the infinite power.

If that were true, wouldn’t He be worth knowing?

In Romans Paul says that all of creation is groaning, as if in childbirth, for the time when it is liberated from death and decay.  Walking among the breathtaking Welsh hills and thick carpets of bluebells, I keep thinking, “if this is creation groaning, just imagine it when it’s singing.”

In the Psalms that’s what David says will happen when the Lord Jesus, who showed death where to shove it, comes back to judge the world in righteousness (Psalm 96).  Which means He’s coming to sort out the mess.

Thar’s the hope we have as believers in the risen Messiah.  That one day we’ll see a creation not tainted by death and decay, no longer creaking under the burden of brokenness but bearing the weight of his glory instead.

If that were true, wouldn’t it be worth hoping?

Just some thoughts from your tired-footed friend.

Love, Soph.




One thought on “For the Beauty of the Earth

  1. Wow Soph. I’m full of admiration of what your doing. A bit envious too! I’ve just retired after working for a company for over 44 years, and have thoughts of walking the entire Welsh coastal path next year. Good luck. I shall follow your blog with great interest.
    Best wishes,


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